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Monday, October 27, 2014

Ajax Shoutbox with jQuery and PHP

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This is a tiny Shoutbox created using PHP and jQuery.


  • Support for graphical smiles :)
  • Full AJAX (with PHP backend)
  • Admin Panel for generating embed codes in 1 click and for moderating messages.
  • Tiny and light weight. Can be used as "Chatbox" or "Shoutbox".
  • Can be added on all pages as a widget (like facebook chat) or on a static page (as standalone)
  • Supports full customization. Theme can be changed by CSS.
  • Responsive Chat -- Works on mobile devices too.
  • Installation in minutes.
  • Easy to use. Simple, fast and flexible.


  • PHP
  • jQuery (1.10.x used by default)
  • MySQL

Demo   |   Download

More Details

 Full documentation and details are available at GitHub

Don't hesitate to ask us a question :)