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Friday, October 24, 2014

Creating RSS Feeds for Twitter

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Twitter dropped RSS feeds some time ago and that became a problem for RSS lovers.

In this post, I am going to show you how to create RSS feeds for any twitter timeline, search query, favorites or list using Google Apps Script.

The twitter RSS feeds can be used to display twitter content externally. For example, you can use IFTTT recipes using these RSS feeds to automate your life.

This Google Apps Script is based on code shared by Amit Agarwal.

How to Create RSS Feeds for Twitter

Here are the simple steps. This Google Apps Script is originally shared by MitchellMcKenna on GitHub.

1. Setup a Twitter App

  • You will need Twitter Consumer Key and Secret Key in order to get started. So, navigate to and fill in the form. Put anything as App name, description and website. Put the callback URL as
  • Note down your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret as You will need to paste these credentials in the Google Apps Script. 

2. Configuration

  • Click here to make a copy of the Twitter RSS script into your Google Drive (Yes, you will need a Google account). 
  • Replace the placeholders for Twitter Consumer key and Secret in the function start().
  • Go to File -> Manage Version and choose Save New Version.
  • Now Go to Publish -> Deploy as Web App and choose Anyone, even anonymous under Who has Access. Click the Deploy button.

3. Deploy the Twitter RSS Feed Generator Script

  • Go to Run -> Start and an oAuth window will open to grant the twitter app the necessary permissions.
  • You’ll get an email to your google account's email address with links to some sample RSS feeds.

Some Sample RSS Feed Links

Feel free to share your thoughts about how you use RSS feeds :)