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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

[Free] S4S Script for Facebook Pages

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Today, I am just sharing a tiny cool script (which is a $15 value). It's a simple script written in PHP. This is known as S4S (meaning "Share 4 Share") script for facebook pages. It can be used to create short lived posts that can be deleted after the specific amount of time.

So, do you have some facebook page(s) and want to exchange post content with other pages? or in simple words, if you want to have a S4S or Share 4 Share app, than this is the right solution.


  • Auto post deletion after 'n' minutes.
  • Post Links
  • Unlimited postings
  • Select all pages or whichever you want
  • Spintax is supported
  • Light weight, fast, and easy to use...
  • Written in PHP/MySQL

Created By: Usama (TheDeveloper24.Com) -- You are free to use it personally without modifying/recreating any part. All links must stay intact.

Download Now

Note: You will also need to update config.php, and put your details there like api info, url info, mysql database info etc. After that import s4s_posts.sql to your mysql database. Than all set, login and start using. Also, don't forget to add a cron job that should execute cron.php every minute.

Have great S4S'ing :)